We envisage The Value of Wishes. Our artifacts give a tangible form to your guests wishes and values, as well as to yours.

Creativity and style are our hallmarks. The ability to balance the practical with the aesthetic is crucial. Whether the client’s space is commercial, industrial, or residential, we know how to arrange it as a functional, yet elegant and individual place.

This is our concept for interior design and decoration.

Our factory is 2500 sqm. and is located in Ascoli Satriano, Foggia (Italy).

In our factory we have:

  • technical office
  • wood shop
  • steel shop
  • paint shop (spray technology)

Our resources:
in our shop we use modern CNC machine and skilled workers to produce the best product with the correct price and respecting the delivery time.
We work with:

  • steel & ssteel
  • wood
  • playwood and aluminum panel
  • corian
  • pvc and plexiglass

Our team:
we have 10 technicians:

  • 3 project managers
  • 7 architects

and 42 workers:

  • 5 painters
  • 5 smiths
  • 32 carpenters

Our technicians:
technicians are skilled to make shopdrawing of any components of the project drawing for:

  • electrical component
  • hacv
  • piping
  • wood-steel-marble
  • glass